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Dear Prospective Tenant,

Thank you for participating in the RentSecure Lease Addendum program. You may be concerned with using your credit card to secure the lease on your apartment. Here is some helpful information regarding the RentSecure Program.

RentSecure acts as a limited property manager for the premises you are renting. The RentSecure company is the only entity that safely holds your credit card number and authorization. RentSecure has an approved credit card vendor status like any hotel or car rental company. RentSecure will not debit your credit card unless an inquiry is done through you and the landlord as to why your rent is unpaid.

If your break your lease agreement or intentionally damage property on a large scale, RentSecure will obtain the proper documentation from the landlord and inform you before any charges are made against your card.

RentSecure only intervenes in the event of an outright offense against the landlord. Such as intentional property damage or intentional breaching of a legal and just lease agreement.

Your rights as a tenant are not jearpordized. RentSecure will not unarbitrarialy debit your card for any frivolous or petty complaints, such as re-painting or nail holes. RentSecure as an agent, is a standby source of security for the landlord against the few tenants who destroy property or never intended to pay the rent in the first place. Rest assured that our company is not here to put an honest tenant under duress or hardship. As limited property manager of your lease, we are here to listen to both sides of any story before your card is debited.

Thank you for renting your apartment with the RentSecure company and showing us your intention to keep a good relationship and for being a good tenant.

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