RentSecure Security & Lease Management Agreement

Lease Management

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Lease Addendum and Agreement between RentSecure, Landlord


and Tenant

Whereas, the Tenant has formed a lease agreement with the Landlord to rent said property at:________________________________________________

Whereas, the lease agreement is either a standard form of contract or a form of contract which is fully enforceable by all Federal, State and Local Laws, hereinafter referred to as the ``Lease".

The Landlord and Tenant fully understand and execute the contents of the ``Lease".  Furthermore, for the fee as noted here $49.99, the Landlord has contracted RentSecure as the Limited Property Manager of the premises.  Whereby, RentSecure has issued this ``Lease Addendum" and shall keep a signed original of this addendum in the RentSecure Archives for the period of the Lease Agreement.  In accordance with Federal Law, the Tenant can not pay the cost of this Management Fee for this contract to be valid.

Whereas, this lease addendum serves as an express authorization for RentSecure to Collect Rents or Damages for the Landlord, in the event of a Breach of the ``lease" terms  by the Tenant.  RentSecure will diligently pursue this collection upon the reasonable cause of such breach or proof of damages as described in the RentSecure ``Fees/Terms and Filing A Claim" charter.

The undersigned Tenant, authorizes their credit card to be blocked for such charges and in the event of a breach authorizes payment to be rendered from this Credit Card, provided that diligent notice is attempted prior to such charge, as defined in the ``Terms of Collection".  The Tenant agrees to maintain this credit line for the term of the lease.

RentSecure is acting as a Managing Agent for the Property Owner and shall be held responsible for allocation of funds received from the credit card company in their correct quantity to the claimer of such funds, in accordance with the authorization,  minus processing and handling fees as aforementioned or otherwise noted.  RentSecure and C.P.S. shall be held harmless in the event of litigation pertaining to the accuracy of claims made by either party against one another entering into this agreement or any damages incurred by such claims.  Should for any reason, litigation or arbitration arise through landlord/tenant dispute, the party judged against shall bear the costs associated,  within the boundaries of local law, while holding RentSecure harmless for such costs.  If, for any reason RentSecure cannot obtain the funds from the Tenant's Creditor, RentSecure's liability shall be limited to the original fees charged for the services described in this agreement.  Copyright 1998-2001. Jon Wickers Co. Inc.

RentSecure management fee of $49.00 is Authorized from the Landlord, payable by:

 American Express

 Master Card


Account #:


Landlord's Signature__________________________________

Credit Card Security Block and/or payment of up to


authorized by the Tenant and payable by:

 American Express

 Master Card


Account #:


Next of Kin, Employer or Emergency Contact for Tenant:




Tenant's Signature_____________________________

Important: Please print out Lease Addendum, sign and attach copies of original lease and FAX to: 718-352-5271. 

You must mail signed originals of these forms to finalize your transaction to RentSecure, 33-11 191st Street, Flushing, New York 11358.

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All Rights Reserved.