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For years, Landlords have been falling prey to professional tenants who abuse the courts to stay in the premises without paying any rent.  One or two months of missed rent can be devistating to a small landlord; often tenants go six months to a year without paying while the attorneys and courts drag out the eviction process.  In the end, the tenant gets free rent and the landlord loses thousands.

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RentSecure TM is here to help landlords avoid tenant fraud and losses.  RentSecure TM, as limited managing agent, ``blocks off" thousands of dollars from the tenant's credit card, without the inconvenience of requiring the tenant to provide more ``cash" as security.  While the Tenant's rights remain intact and no additional funds are required at the lease signing, RentSecure TM provides the following:

  • A ``true" verification of these lines of credit before the lease signing, surpassing any other form of Credit Check.
  • The copyrighted RentSecure Lease Addendum which is held in original form in the RentSecure Archives as a backup of proof of the lease.
  • An express authorization to debit the credit card in the event of non-payment of the rent or property damage.
  • Prevention - a tenant who passes the RentSecure program possesses the line of credit to cover a portion of the lease terms, and is much less likely to default!  The RentSecure program is the ultimate tool to assist the Lanlord in selection of the potentially good tenant.

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