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Both parties must sign the RentSecure Lease Addendum and Credit Authorization.

From this site, complete and print the RentSecure Lease Addendum and Credit Authorization form, and have the new tenant sign it, enter his credit card number during the signing of the lease, and mail an original copy to RentSecure.

You can also obtain blank RentSecure Lease Addendum and Credit Authorization forms from our telephone operators or fax back systems -- any time, day or night!


You can call in the entire transaction to 718-352-1000.  Have the Landlord's and Tenant's credit card numbers available, plus all critical information, i.e., address of property, etc.   A confirmation will be provided within 24 hours and the forms will be sent out via mail for full signatures.

After the form is signed, it must be mailed to the RentSecure Archives to keep on file, in the event that a charge must be made to the tenant.  However, the processing results of your tenant's eligibility can be obtained within a 24 hour period or less if you:

  1. Call our offices at 718-352-1000 and supply a return fax number to receive the confirmation;
  2. Fax the information to 718-352-5271 and supply a return fax number; or
  3. Fill out the form directly on our web site and include your email address to receive confirmation.

Please contact our webmaster with questions or comments.

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