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Filing a claim with RentSecure TM

The following procedures must be followed to file a claim with RentSecure TM

1.  Notify the client that he/she is in default of the lease, has caused damaged, has not paid rent, or whatever constitutes the infringing act.  You should notify the tenant several times, in writing, before contacting RentSecure TM to establish, should the issue arise, that you gave the tenant adequate notice of the particular event leading to the breach of the lease.

2.  Print out and prepare the claim form and notify RentSecure TM when the tenant is 45 days in arrears or longer.  Often tenants are late with a single payment which is ultimately made.  Thus, we do not recommend contacting our office before this time.  Along with your notification, you should enclose copies of any letters to the tenant, police reports involving damage claims, invoices for repairs, or any other documentary proof of the damages.

3.   RentSecure TM will then place a charge against the tenant's credit card and deposit any funds received into an escrow account.  This money must remain in the escrow account for 60 days pending a charge-back from the tenant's credit card bank.

4.   After 60 days, RentSecure TM will then forward the escrowed funds to the landlord, less processing and handling fees (see Fees).

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